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Welcome To St.Peter’s Grammar School

“Education is the manifestation of perfection already present in man” - Swami Vivekananda. The great seer placed great emphasis on holistic education, that is, education that enables students to find out their uniqueness and try to harness them to realize their true potential. This is what matters in practical life, not bookish knowledge.

Inspired by the saying of the great seer, we at SPGS place emphasis on laying a proper foundation for each and every student with special focus on the value of education and the experiences they encounter in our premises. Our objective is to provide a multifarious and holistic educational milieu that harmonizes technological advancement with humanistic wisdom.

It is my deep conviction that education needs to be a joyful experience for children and all the school’s activities designed in such a way that it empowers them to pursue their dreams and realize them. Education focusing only on marks and ranks will leave the child malnourished and incompetent to take up the practical challenges in real life. Providing them the right exposure to innovative ideas and the right platform to exhibit creativity skills, develop soft skills, learn group dynamics and maintain inter-personal relationships in any work environment, helps students to stand as leaders in every step of their life.

St. Peter’s takes up these basic requirements as priority in educating young minds and instilling in them the right attributes to face the challenges of life.

I recognize the school’s role in shaping a child’s personality. I am confident that our flowers of today will bear fruit as vibrant and dynamic leaders who will stride ahead with confidence in every field

Principal´s Words

It is important that students are exposed to their natural surroundings, sports and cultural aspects apart from healthy academics, for their wholesome development. I am happy to say that year after year it has been our tradition here at St. Peter’s to give academically competent and holistically contributing individuals to the society, who make a difference in every arena they step in.

With the SMART CLASS advantage, St. Peter’s is one of the few schools which provides a number of alluring facilities to the students at an affordable fee structure without taxing the parents for their child’s wholesome education.
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