Our Strengths
  • We correlate education with problems of life and prepare for Life.
  • We democratize education through Learner Autonomy.
  • We cope with the problems arising out of the modern scientific and technical advancement through value-based learning situations.
  • We take education from knowledge dissemination to student-centred knowledge construction through Intelligent Conversations.

The starting point of learning at St.Peter’s is a positive ethos and a culture of Trust and Be Entrusted . Our Edu- Ethos enhances the Dignity of a Human-being through Activity based Learning, increases his/her self respect and Universal Brotherhood in it’s true sense ; building the sheet of anchor for every learner at St.Peter’s Grammar School .

5-step Experiential Approach

The 5 –step Experiential approach (AIM – ACTION- ANALYSIS –APPLICATION-ASSESSMENT ) designed by XSEED is practiced in SPGS classrooms to build thinking skills , problem solving skills , nurture higher grade creative expression and boost confidence levels paving the way for learner autonomy .

Whole Brain Classrooms

SPGS provides an array of Learning activities that nurture thinking preferences of 8 dimensions : Realist & Analyst- L1 , Stalwart/Preserver & Organiser-L2 , Socialiser & Empathiser-R2 , Strategist & Imaginer –R1

SPGS challenges the students’ Multiple Intelligences’ Quotient through an array of learning activities such as Vocabulary Building Activities , Creative Writing Tasks , Worksheets , Assessment of speaking and listening skills , Quizzes , Symposia , Group Discussions , Research Work , Data Interpretation , Problem Solving Tasks , Case Studies , Investigative Projects , Model making , Presentations , Seminars, Life Skills Tasks , Role plays , Experiments, Lab Activities, Field Trips , Inter-disciplinary / Uni- disciplinary Projects etc.

Assessments are standardized as per Bloom’s Taxonomy to raise the students’ Emotional , Social & Competitive Quotients apart from their Intelligence Quotient.

Programs Pre-Primary

“ Children are our Treasure , Early years’ Learning is Celebration of Childhood .”

SPGS believes that Early Childhood Education is the foundation for a child’s Blooming Persona !

SPGS provides an array of fun-filled learning experiences designed to stimulate exploration and growth , cognitive ,social and language development.

The essence of teaching pedagogy in the SPGS Pre-primary block is to make childhood pleasurable and treasurable through active learning. Be it learning the fundamentals of Mathematics and Science or the skills of Language ,students experience through an activity that challenges their Creative as well as Critical Thinking Quotient … paving the way for Learner Autonomy.

SPGS adopts the Theory of Multiple Intelligences as it structures the learning activities , making the Blooming Stars truly smart in all ways.

SPGS is a place for growing minds as the learning environment blends playway methodology with learning by doing.

Some Programs for the tiny tots
  • Fun with colors
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Role play
  • Drama
  • Gardening
  • EPL activities
  • Personal grooming
  • Eating Right
  • Writing Right
  • Speaking Right
  • Fireless Cooking
  • Value Education
  • Puzzles for Problem solving
  • Segregation of waste

Learning Support :Students Health & Wellness

SPGS strives for Happy Schooling through a positive and creative learning environment.

SPGS provides the services of a trained Health & Wellness Expert to ease out learning difficulties and drive away behavioural problems paving the way for Optimal learning.

Enrichment Classes

Students who are taking time to cope with the class in their school work, termed as Emerging Learners are put in a special section , groomed and trained under the supervision of specially trained staff with an additional resource teacher in each class to bring up their academic performance.

Additional Help Classes

Students who require additional support to overcome learning difficulties are trained after school.

Remedial & Therapeutic Help

Students are provided Remedial & Therapeutic Help to face their challenging areas.


The focus the Health and Wellness Expert is on helping the students achieve academic and life success,Facilitate Learning and Academic Progress,Teach Life Skills,Modify Student Behavior by Working with Students , Parents/Guardians , Colleagues and External Professional Associates

Career guidance

Students of High School are counseled to choose the right academic and career options.

All… for creating a Happy Learning Environment!