The accolades and awards won by Students of SPGS are unbound proving that Happy Schooling with the right blend of scholastics and co-scholastics moulds each student into a blooming star.


Education is the foundation of a civilized society. Each aspect of school life provides an avenue for the learners to grow to their full potential, achieve self actualization and develop competencies to face the challenges of today world with e’lan. Academic pre-eminence in todays educational scenario continues to be an important yard stick though no longer the only one of the school’s superlative performance.

Our learners know it well that excellence is not achieved by accident. Thus they persevere towards their goals with the vision encapsulated in these words.

“ tiny seeds make boundless harvests
drops of rain compose the showers
seconds make the flying minutes
and the minutes make the hours….. ”

In the State Secondary School Examination 2017 the 15th batch of class X students were awarded a perfect score of CGPA 10, for 10 students and 62 students stood above 9 CGPA The average CGPA for the Class was 8.7

Apart from these Triumphant ten, we have

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Sports : National / State / District / Local

“Sports teaches us how to lose, but it also teaches us how not to be a loser.”

The domain of sports has the vast potential to “better” the game of life itself. The success of our students in sports bears testimony to the schools endeavors in encouraging sporting talent as well as our students indomitable will and skill to win.

Some of our achievements in the sports arena are:

The Following are the students who won the Awards

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