Visual & Performing Arts

Visual & Performing Arts

Art and craft at SPGS young learners explore different media of art and craft in form of drawing and painting, collage making, clay modeling etc., developing awareness of various art forms in and around the environment in a creative, productive and joyful manner. Students take up wholesome art education. This helps us develop aesthetic sensibilities and respect for social values and cultural heritage.


“One must learn by doing the thing, though you think you know it, you have no certainty until you try.”

The joys and benefits of experiential learning can never be over looked. This year we have initiated the speech and drama classes for students of classes I-V to provide them a platform to develop the skills of expression and public speaking.

Science Club

Science Club has a wide range of activities that promote learning by combining recreational and educational factors. Representing inter disciplinary approaches to learning the carefully selected activities of the clubs, focus on the entire garnet of development of learners in a cohesive manner.

Book reading Club

Book reading Club inculcates a love reading amongst the students a reading club . A wide range of extra reading activities like Book Review Sessions , Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) , Reading Log are organized regularly.

Green Ambassadors Club

Green Ambassadors Club aids in creating a SSR – STUDENT SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY , engaging students in all activities that promote a sustainable planet.

Dramatics Club

Dramatics Club forms the right platform for students skilled in creative theatrical expression .Dramatised Reading Sessions and Production of Drama are some of it’s key work spheres apart from serving as a major tool for teaching language .The club plays a key role in organizing the annual SPGS Drama Fest .

Literary Club instills in the students a love for literature apart from serving as a platform for mastering the nuances of Literary skills such as Recitation , Speech , Elocution , Declamation , Formal & Informal Introductions , Interviewing Skills etc.

  • Pictures of Science club
  • Book reading Club
  • Eco-club (Green Ambassadors Club )
  • Dramatics Club
  • Performing Arts Club
  • Abacus Club
  • Literary Club

Co-Curricular Activities ( CCAs)

At SPGS the weekly CCA helps students nurture innate talents, nourish hidden capabilities and develop the much needed Soft-skills .The weekly CCAs commence within the familiar domains of the classroom and progress to a wider platform , culminating in an Inter-house Contest . Winning laurels in CCAs adds the mystical touch to a student’s portfolio , apart from building on the house-scores to receive the coveted Best House Award.

Co-curricular Activities form an integral part of SPGS as they help to develop self-confidence and self esteem of the students. Co-curricular activities reflect the diverse interest of the students and lead to all round development of them.

Co-Curricular Activities 2016-17 Month I, II & III IV & V VI, VII & VIII IX & X
  June/July Spell Bee
Idioms/ Tongue Twisters    

Learning for Life

Educations at SPGS lies in not simply giving information to students but teaching them how to use it to spread the fragrance of Joy and Happiness . Thus a wide array of events and activities are regularly organised that provide a stimulating environment that “give wings to the divine fire” within each learner and “fill the world with the glow of its goodness”.

Expeditions and Camps

A well structured city tour is planned for students from classes 1 to X where they get to know the important tourism and visit worthy places in and around the twin cities.

Field Trips and Picnics. A number of field trips, picnics and outings are organised to extend learning beyond classroom.

Schooling at SPGS is such fun! Teaching and assessments are always supplemented by Field Trips and Picnics. These serve to be a day full of fun, enriching practical hands-on experiences paving the way for new horizons of excellence in learning.

Young Peterites visited Salarjung Museum, Nehru Zoological Park, Health Museum, Birla Planetorium, Public Gardens and Active Farm to know the life of farmers and benefits of organic farming.

Class Bulletin Boards & General Display Boards:

Peterites express their creativity in form of Art work, Posters, Poems, Jingles, Write-ups put up on their class bulletin boards and display boards. Apart from enhancing the student’s creative expressions , display boards of SPGS reflect Peterite’s culture – we share and care to grow’

Joy of Giving

Social Responsibility is a Core Value of the school Culture . SPGS takes up the initiative each year to mobilise resources for the well being of Senior Citizens , Under- privileged.

Every year students contribute towards the orphan and destitute home run by Asha Foundation at Balanagar and Divine Charitable Trust for the blind.

Student Council

Student Prefectorial Board elected by the students in a true democratic process teaches students the complexities and norms of Democratic leadership , the responsibilities associated with it.

Laurels And Accolades

Young Peterites set ablaze every arena that they step into with their creative intellect Winning Awards in a Legacy for every Peterite.

And receiving appreciation – a life style To quote a few –

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Winners in Co-Curricular Activities

“Everyone has inside of him a piece of good news. The good news is that you don’t know how great you can be… What you can accomplish! And what your potential is”
- Anne Frank

I proudly say that St. Peter’s Grammar School, has succeeded in keep up with this saying. We have been actively involved in encouraging the students to participate in as many co-curricular activities as possible. This ensures developing a healthy spirit of competition and a desire for participation amongst them. The students have made a mark in the various prestigious competitions held at the inter school level. Some of the events where our students performed well are:

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Our students also won many laurels in the Intra School Competitions like – Debates, Art-N-Articulate, Quiz, Extempore Speech, Group Singing, Essay Writing, PPT Presentation, Choral Recitation, Greeting Card Making, Flag Making, I’ve Talent etc.

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